Confidence Cards by Match Points: Self-Help Tennis Coaching Cards (English Edition) por Jamiah Lewis

Confidence Cards by Match Points: Self-Help Tennis Coaching Cards (English Edition) por Jamiah Lewis

Titulo del libro: Confidence Cards by Match Points: Self-Help Tennis Coaching Cards (English Edition)

Autor: Jamiah Lewis

Número de páginas: 20 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 13, 2014

Editor: Match Points

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Jamiah Lewis con Confidence Cards by Match Points: Self-Help Tennis Coaching Cards (English Edition)

Hello fellow tennis player!
We all need a little extra confidence and strategy on the court, right? When I first started playing tennis, I struggled with my sportsmanship and mentally readjusting after losing a point, game, or match. There were times during the game when I would cry or get so frustrated that I just couldn’t play to my full potential. Since coaching is not allowed during most formal tennis matches, there was no one to push me or help me get back in the zone when I needed it most. Sometimes I just needed someone to tell me the right words with a firm consoling tone to help me snap out of it and march back on that court. One year my coach suggested that I assemble some index cards with tips and tricks to help stay mentally focused and strategic during a game. I spent all week writing down tips like “turn around and tie your shoe if you feel like you’re going to cry” or “move your feet”. Would these tips be enough to help me? I put the index cards in my bag and during the very next game I pulled them out during break points to give me a mental boost and I found they were helping me tremendously. It was the bolt of confidence and encouragement I needed; I felt like my own coach. I had the ability, with a few simple and powerful words, to make a difference in the tennis game. Who knew I could get that much confidence from a handwritten card? Since then, I’ve been successfully using the exact same cards I wrote when I was 10 years old, and of course I’ve added to them over the years as my level and needs have developed.

These Confidence Cards by Match Points are the best of my tips, that have been reviewed and corroborated by tennis professionals. The first and only self-help tennis coaching cards created out of frustration, a commitment to get better, and a love for the game of tennis, these tennis coaching cards designed to help tennis players self-coach and gain, regain or maintain confidence.

HOW SHOULD YOU USE Confidence Cards by Match Points? Think of your next tennis game like an open-book test. Even though you will be able to use the book during your test (or game), you still need to study and look over your notes so you can find the answers as quickly as possible in the time allotted. Read each of the cards before a game situation, and even during practice so the tips and strategies are familiar to you and can be quickly remembered while playing. During break points while playing in a formal game find the section most relevant to what you need right then and there. Confidence? Strategy? Sportsmanship? To close out the game?
Mental Readjustment? Each section will have some handpicked tips written in a firm and motivating tone, designed to stimulate you to your desired action and encourage you to stay focused on the finish line.

Confidence Cards by Match Points are not just for the heat of a tennis match. They can be used in practice, planning, preparation, and performance.
There’s something for everyone – no matter the age, ranking, or experience level, every tennis player will find these tips useful, or maybe even game changing.
A hard copy of Confidence Cards are available for purchase at, each page within the respective color-coded sections elaborates on the tips. Every page is attractively designed with accompanying illustrations for readability, especially during game situation. The tone of every card is written in a firm yet encouraging way to sound like a coach. These convenient and portable cards are discretely sized as 4"x6" spiral bound cards that will fit in to your tennis bag, purse, or pocket. Confidence Cards are a must have for every tennis bag when confidence and affirmation is needed on the court.

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