Squash For Beginners: Squash Basics por Mehmet Akyol

Squash For Beginners: Squash Basics por Mehmet Akyol

Titulo del libro: Squash For Beginners: Squash Basics

Autor: Mehmet Akyol

Número de páginas: 47 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 10, 2012

Editor: MAA

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Mehmet Akyol con Squash For Beginners: Squash Basics

"Squash is a popular racquet sport, which is played in an indoor court. This sport has evolved in isolation from its counterparts, which share some inherent similarities to sports like racquetball.

The primary objective of this sport, both in the singles and the doubles form of the game, is to strike the ball, with a racquet, off the walled court. The shot must be played in such a way that the ball bounces off the floor exactly twice before it reaches the other player for a shot."

Above you read the first sentences of Squash For Beginners. Squash For Beginners is a kindle book for those who want to learn the basics of squash.

It covers a lot of basic topics including rules of the squash to tips on how to play better.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter-1: Introduction
Chapter-2: Playing Equipment and Clothing
2.1 Squash Balls
2.1.1 Pro (Double Yellow Dot)
2.1.2 Competition (Single Yellow Dot)
2.1.3 Progress
2.1.4 Max
2.2 Squash Racquet
2.2.1 Technical Considerations
2.2.2 Miscellaneous Factors
2.2.3 Racquet Restringing
2.3 Eye Wear
2.4 Clothing
Chapter-3: Rules of the Game
3.1 Singles Rules
3.1.1 The Scoring
3.1.2 Warm up
3.1.3 Service
3.1.4 Return
3.1.5 Rallies
3.1.6 Hitting Opponent with Ball
3.1.7 Turning
3.1.8 Further Attempts
3.1.9 Interference
3.1.10 LET
3.1.11 Continuity of Play
3.1.12 Injury or Illness
3.1.13 Code of Conduct
3.2 Doubles Rules
3.2.1 The Scoring
3.2.2 Warm Up
3.2.3 Service
3.2.4 Return
3.2.5 Rallies
3.2.6 Hitting Opponent with Ball
3.2.7 Turning
3.2.8 Further Attempts
3.2.9 Interference
3.2.10 LET
3.2.11 Continuity of Play
3.2.12 Injury or Illness
3.2.13 Code of Conduct
Chapter-4: Playing the Game
4.1. Basic Strokes
4.2. Service
4.3. Ground Strokes
4.3.1. Hard Low Shot
4.3.2. Drop Shot
4.3.3. Angle Shot
4.3.4. Good Length Shot
4.3.5. Side Wall Shot
4.3.6. Nick
4.3.7. Lob
4.4. Volley and Half Volley
4.5. Miscellaneous Strokes
Chapter-5: Tactics and Strategies
5.1 Choosing the Right Stroke
5.2 Positioning
5.3 Strategy or Match Play
Chapter-6: Tips and Tricks
Chapter-7: Training
7.1 Biomechanical Evaluation
7.2 Flexibility
7.3 Core Training
7.4 Strength and Power Training
7.5 Endurance training
7.6 Nutrition
7.7 Recovery between multiple games
7.8 Rest
Squash Glossary

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