Play Better Squash por John Beddington

Play Better Squash por John Beddington

Titulo del libro: Play Better Squash

Autor: John Beddington

Número de páginas: 256 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 15, 2015

ISBN: 1782812369

Editor: G2 Entertainment

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John Beddington con Play Better Squash

Play Better Squash is the ideal book for everyone who plays, or wants to play, squash. How to play the strokes...where to place the ball...tactics and practise...court and training...marking and refereeing. With helpful diagrams throughout, this instructional guide also contains the complete rules of squash and profiles on some of the greatest players and what makes them winners. Now completely revised and updated, Play Better Squash is an invaluable coach, guide and reference for every squash enthusiast, whether inexperienced beginner or accomplished player.

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